Ikura Roll Recipe

4 servings
Prep time: 30 minutes

-2 cup prepared sushi rice
-3 sheet nori
-4 teaspoon wasabi paste
-8 ounces salmon roe (ikura)

1. Prepare 12 finger sushi by dipping your right hand into a bowl of vinegared water and then remove excess water, and take up about 2 tablespoons sushi rice. Form the rice into 12 small oval bite-sized portions, measuring about 2x1".
2. Cut the nori into 12 strips, each 1X7".
3. Wrap a 1" strip of nori around the sides of each finger sushi, shiny side out (sticking it closed with a grain of rice, if necessary), creating a tiny collar all around the rice.
4. Dab a little wasabi paste on top of the rice inside the nori collar. Delicately spoon about 1 tablespoon of the salmon roe into each nori collar. Serve immediately.

Serve and enjoy this delicious Japanese Food Recipe – Ikura Roll

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